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 Squadleader idea

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PostSubject: Squadleader idea   September 12th 2013, 10:19 pm

I like how they are trying to make squad leaders more useful.

How about double hit ability at level 160 or 165.

Raid: wouldn't unbalance game, since agi and wis are the dominant buffs ATM. If and when a full squad atk buff comes out, then it might be overpowered.

Tower: gives people incentive to level instead of hoarding levels, wouldn't break game, more quality of life to not feel like your leader is the weakest link.

Pvp: doesn't seem overpowered, because max level brackets are hard anyway. Adds new dynamic of the hp boost added to teams. This creates a few more wrinkles of using semi defensive teams in full squad battles at least. This one however seems to have the most danger of unforeseen consequences.

Leveling: who gives a f$$k.
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Squadleader idea
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