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 PVP Suggestion

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PostSubject: PVP Suggestion   September 22nd 2013, 7:33 am

So I was thinking about the massive amount of time that you need to get an L in PVP and I was thinking that it might be worthwhile just to cap the number of PVP battles you can do per day. The number could be 250 maybe

One other small change might be worthwhile (it is optional and just stops people from doing a certain thing) and that would be to remove the timer on getting your 3 wins in a row. So, the only way to reset your streak is to lose and not win a rival battle.

This would change the way that people would play PVP in a couple of ways.
1. People would go full auto more so as to not lose, as if you lose it counts towards your battle count and gives you no points.
2. People would be less inclined to take the easier opponents for less points and might start going full auto on the harder opponents.

The PVP reward tiers would have to be adjusted and maybe if you managed to get a number of wins the same as the max PVP battles per day you might get something worthwhile for your efforts.

Anyway, just an idea which might keep the time requirement down a bit and might change the PVP dynamic up a bit as well......

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PostSubject: Re: PVP Suggestion   September 22nd 2013, 11:13 am

Good idea. I've had a few scenarios where losing a battle was preferred. Also, other times when I want to push thru several weaker opponents (i.e. to get the 15 win rewards) was my best option.

Limiting my battles per day could theoretically change my battle selection / decision dynamics, if I were near 250 battles per day. Also, if I were seeking an L during a PVP event (actually, any event), my points per battle would then become much more important, as would the double promos, and some other optimization factors.

This would also reduce the time commitment down to however much time it would take to complete 250 battles (for Tower = 10 step battles & floor boss, for PVP & Raid = whatever number of steps necessary to find 250 battles).

Benefits for L hunters would be lower time commitment. Benefits for mid-tier players would be the prospect of competing for the 1 L threshold. Benefits for Dakota would be the desire to pursue an L in an event would increase, and a proportional increase in the prospect of extracting additional revenue from the 26 - 150 ranked players that are swayed into spending money.

Sounds like a win - win - win to me. cheers 
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PVP Suggestion
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