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 Looking for many mercs

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PostSubject: Looking for many mercs   October 12th 2013, 4:30 am

I am looking for:

- Any Mindflayer

- Titanfist v2

- Double Gun Commando v2

- Helio v2

- PE or OPE Frozen Golem v2 (ep 4)

- PE or OPE Mordeo v2 (ep 4)

- PE or OPE Incinerate v2 (ep 4)

- PE or OPE D&J (ep 4)

If you would like to trade with mercs or any res, please pm me.

Mercs for trading:

- 2 Frozen Golem v2s (Def: 13505 and 13683)

- Daddy Longguns v2

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Looking for many mercs
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