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 Let's Get Epic!

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PostSubject: Let's Get Epic!   October 17th 2013, 7:25 pm

Hey Everyone! Now that I've pared down a lot of my account it is time to let go of some of my collection of Epics as well. I pretty much just want res for these, so if you have a few random ps and ac lying around and see something that could fill a hole in your squad let me know. I'm not going to bother pricing them out because I want to sell EVERYTHING on this list. So make an offer, there is probably a 9/10 chance I'll say yes.

For reference, mercs marked (4r1*2r2*) are 6n1 evo's made with 4r1's and 2 r2's, and in many of them I crystalled the r2's in order to make these evos resonably close to the 8n1 variety. If you are concerned about the stats you an ask but these are all quality epics of various tiers that I have built for fun/time/aesthetics.

Big Boomer v2 PE*
Crdnl Armor v4 (4r1*2r2*)
Underseer v2 (4r1*2r2*)
Devil Dog v2 PE*
Fug Bug Jowel v2 PE* (12k wis)
Sr. Apostate v2 PE*
Knuckledriver v2 PE*
Switchblade Vulture v2 PE*
Rail-Gun Rider v2 200cOPE
Vulture IV-S PE*
Bubbles V2 PE*
Junker War Marshal PE*
Gyro Destroyer 200cOPE
Ironsight, Warlord POPE
Ironsight, Warlord (4r1*2r2*)
Dark Mite Queen v2 PE*
Uber Astro (4r1*2r2*) x2
Dual Barrage v2 PE*
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Let's Get Epic!
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