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 With a little help...

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PostSubject: With a little help...   October 21st 2013, 3:43 pm

Hi again, after short break...

I spend last 6-7 weeks sailing around Europe, without internet connection Wink now I'm back, trying to unerstand new reality, new mercs...

and I realised that I lost a clue and I'm little confused with merging my PVP squad Wink Have no idea what strategy, which mercs will give me some descent team, in new FF reality.

I'll be gratefull for every entry, I'll try every combination (also got own ideas) but fresh look is always apppreciated (especially from advanced player).

I'm free player, but collected some descent mercs, through time. For now I got (only OPE200 and OPE240):

OPE Mordeo
OPE Colossus
2*OPE BlueBot (10934 and 11084 WIS)
2*Primarch (over 13k WIS)
OPE Deadland Rider

OPE Canis

2* OPE BlackBot (unforunatelly Wink )
OPE Lockdown
OPE F-9 (building up)

OPE Burnfrost
OPE Siren

OPE Incinerator
OPE Na'Lac
OPE Ironsight
A4z (building up)

also got over 200Res, so I can buy some mercs, but at this moment, have no clue which ones;)

some time ago in PVP I used M formation Burn - Inc - Mord - Na'Lac - Siren, which was quite effective, but now I think I need new, fresh setup.

Be gratefull for every help..
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PostSubject: Re: With a little help...   October 21st 2013, 3:48 pm

Try to do something with that Colossus & Mordeo, F-9 is very usefull as well, then you could still throw in that Incinerate and Burnfrost.

F-9 MARK 4 / Overgrown Colossus v2 / Mordeo Mutant / Incinerate v2 / Burnfrost

It's just an idea, I'm not that experienced with high-tier mercs, but this squad seems solid.
You could make this your back row for 3rd fights;

Siren Maiden / CXB-2000U / Lockdown v4 / Na'Lac Angered / Canis Bulwark v2

No idea, just a thought.
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PostSubject: Re: With a little help...   October 21st 2013, 3:51 pm

You actually were helped a lot by this nerf. I know losing the value on black bots is really tough, but everything else you own, especially incin, mordeo, primarch, nalac, etc all got their value increased.

I'd run something pretty similar to your last setup based off what you have. That team didn't get nerfed at all, and the teams to counter it did, making it even stronger.
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PostSubject: Re: With a little help...   

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With a little help...
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