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 Skill changes

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PostSubject: Skill changes   February 23rd 2013, 10:42 pm

Soulreaver-I can't have been the only one who took one look at this guy and expected him to be a BAMF only to be disappointed by his skill, Mutated Purple Heart. I was thinking the devs could make a new skill for him called Reave or something which would be an attack based Infection-like move that would still bleed enemies.

Horde Wall-Change his skill to Mutated Purple Heart. It's pretty useless right now since it can only block and has mediocre stats.

Devil Dog-We all know how useless credits are. Having Treaure Hunter for a skill makes this one of the worst epics in the game. So they should change it to a skill that is at least somewhat useful, like Lasting Blow.

Also, add buff skills that affect all squadmates. Maybe they could be restricted to Lethals since buffs add a TON to stats.
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Skill changes
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