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 Nexus bug

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PostSubject: Nexus bug   April 9th 2013, 10:24 am

It's happened to me twice now where I have entered the Nexus, defeated the first boss, completed the first stage, and then been sent back to the regular tower level without the option to continue on. The timer switches from 'Level 1' to 'Final Level' and keeps counting down even after being booted back to the regular tower. When the timer expires, I get booted out of the regular tower as well! Then i lose all progress on that floor and have to start over.

I thought I just missed something, and everything was working as intended, but I noticed something was wrong when i got kicked out of the Tower completely just a minute ago.

I would do more testing to see if it happens all the time or if there are steps to reproduce the issue, but honestly this event is boring the hell out of me and I am going to head back to the world map and farm chests and ammo mags.
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Nexus bug
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