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 Tower Event: Nexus

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PostSubject: Tower Event: Nexus   April 11th 2013, 10:43 am

I really like the addition of Nexus to the tower event. It spices things up a bit and helps with the monotony of the tower event...although it gets rather boring quickly, but all events do.

What would make it even more fun and possibly less boring would be to lengthen the 5 floors in the nexus by 2 steps each to add more chances to get more cache. Then add in the slight possibility that you could win event rares or lethals from the cache in addition to points.

Or make a sixth floor (aka bonus floor) where you have a chance to win more points or super small chance to win rares or lethals from the cache. That would make people want to spend a second PS to do the last floor and make it more exciting to have a chance to win something besides boring points.
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Tower Event: Nexus
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