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 keep getting kicked from the tower

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PostSubject: keep getting kicked from the tower   April 11th 2013, 7:09 pm

This has happened to me three times now

The first happened was on wednesday when I lost connection close to the end of the map and when I went to reconnect I got kicked out of the tower and had to start over. I didn't think much of it knowing that s**t happens

the second time happened soon after the first one when I went to restart the map, go a few spaces into the tower, and lost connection again. then I tried to reconnect and when it did it had kicked me out of the tower again.

The third time it happened really pissed me off and happened a little while ago
long story short (you can read the long story on page 4 of the event thread) I finished the nexus with 21 chests and a 10x bonus multiplier, but the menu to leave the nexus never came up and instead of just sending me back to the tower it sent me back to the first floor of the nexus.I went through that floor again but the menu didn't come up once more and the game sent me back to the beginning of the nexus.
I ended up going through the first floor two more times using two powershots and trading my PE graff for some more power shots cause i didnt have enough to finish the floor and didnt want to loose me points. the the timer never reset when I finished the floor so the game kicked me out of the nexus with 25 chests with the 10x multiplier which should have given me roughly 50k points
BUT I lost connection AGAIN! not only did it kick me out of the nexus BUT THE TOWER TOO
so I lost all the chest I had gotten and wasted 2 powershots and my graff trying to get those points.

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keep getting kicked from the tower
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